The first man of the Israeli army: We will defend Israel, we are prepared!

"We use every minute to be even more prepared"

by Sead Dedovic
The first man of the Israeli army: We will defend Israel, we are prepared!
© Amir Levy / Getty Images

Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Herzi Halevi emphasized that Hamas already regrets its actions. The Israelis have previously announced that their goal is to completely destroy Hamas and achieve their goals in the coming months.

Israel is ready for a major offensive. "Israel is in the middle of a war started by the Hamas group. They are already regretting it. We have prepared for this. The IDF has prepared quality offensive plans to achieve the goals of the war.

We are ready for a ground maneuver, and with political officials we will decide on the form and timing the next phase," said Halevi. The start of the operation and the date is still unknown. One thing is certain; The Israelis want to do the job smartly and create great turmoil among the enemy army.

They use every minute to adequately prepare. "We use every minute to be even more prepared. Every minute that passes on the other side, we hit the enemy even harder. This is our country, our house and we will defend it by all means," Halevi continued.

Israel policy

After the attack by Hamas, Israel decided to completely change its policy and it is obvious that they want to be as "rough" as possible in the future. Hamas has caused enormous anger among the citizens and leaders of this country.

"What happened on October 7 is unprecedented since the founding of the state. It will require a fundamental change in our security reality. It will cost, including the length of the war. There is one address for this war. The leadership of Hamas and all those who have operated under it command.

They will pay the price for what they did," - he said. Halevi emphasizes that the citizens of the Gaza Strip should be evacuated, and that their goal is not to injure them. "The Israeli army wants Gazans to get through this war as unscathed as possible. Every Gazan should make a responsible decision to evacuate for the sake of their lives," - he concluded.