Queen Rania Calls Out Western Double Standards in Palestine Conflict


Queen Rania Calls Out Western Double Standards in Palestine Conflict
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Queen Rania of Jordan expressed concerns about what she sees as a double standard among Western leaders, particularly regarding their response to the situation in Gaza. Namely, the Hamas attack was condemned all over the world and caused a huge number of reactions.

On the other hand, Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip mostly go unnoticed, i.e. no one reacts to them. The Queen of Jordan is not the only leader in the world who believes that the world is 'blind' to the events in Palestine.

Many emphasize that the world has double standards and that Israel has huge subsidies from leading countries. She pointed out that there was a swift and clear international response in support of Israel's right to defend itself after the October 7th attack, while the ongoing situation in Gaza has not received the same level of attention and condemnation.

It's not just happening now. That is a story that goes back years. The leaders of several Arab countries believe that much more must be done regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Apparently, they are powerless to do anything at this moment.

They are aware that any involvement in this war could mean even bigger problems, not only for them but also for the world.

People in Jordan are disappointed

This has left people in the Middle East, including Jordan, feeling shocked and disappointed by the world's response to the crisis.

Israel initiated a total siege of Gaza following the October 7th attack by Hamas, which resulted in a significant loss of life and hostages. The siege led to continuous airstrikes on the densely populated Gaza Strip and a blockade on the supply of food and water to the entire population.

On social media, we can see video clips that are really horrible and not recommended to watch. It is necessary that a much more concrete reaction follows from the leaders of the main countries. This kind of war can only create more problems and more victims in the coming period. Queen Rania of Jordan hopes that the chaotic situation could see an end.