Creepy: Police Heroically Save 1,000 Cats Bound for Slaughterhouse

Police and agricultural authorities placed the rescued cats in a nearby shelter, the report said, adding that people involved in the business could earn $20,500

by Sededin Dedovic
Creepy: Police Heroically Save 1,000 Cats Bound for Slaughterhouse
© Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

In a recent and heartwarming turn of events, law enforcement in China has undertaken the noble task of saving approximately 1,000 cats from a grim fate at the hands of illegal traders. Reports from state media reveal that this successful rescue operation has brought to light a dark and unlawful industry wherein cat meat is deceptively marketed as pork or lamb.

This illicit trade was disrupted thanks to a tip-off provided by compassionate animal rights advocates. The rescue operation unfolded in Zhangjiagang, located in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, where vigilant police intercepted a vehicle that was being used to transport these captive felines.

Were it not for the timely intervention of these dedicated activists, these cats would have most likely met their untimely demise, with their meat being distributed to the southern regions of the country, where it would be processed into items like pork and lamb skewers and sausages.

This harrowing revelation was reported by the Chinese newspaper "Paper," as cited by CNN.

Many citizens are now fervently urging for more stringent governmental control and regulations in the realm of animal welfare

Following the rescue, the authorities, in collaboration with agricultural experts, ensured the safe relocation of the saved cats to a nearby shelter.

The report also mentioned the substantial profit that individuals involved in this illegal trade could potentially earn, with figures reaching up to $20,500. However, the article did not provide details about any arrests made in connection with this operation or specify whether the rescued cats were strays or beloved pets.

The triumphant outcome of this rescue operation has kindled a fresh wave of alarm and activism regarding animal rights and food safety across various Chinese social media platforms. In the wake of this incident, a groundswell of citizens has fervently called for stricter government oversight and regulations in the domains of animal welfare and food quality.

This event stands as a stark, poignant reminder of the relentless struggle against the illicit trade of animals and underscores the urgent imperative to shield the well-being of these innocent beings. As this story spreads, it highlights the growing momentum of the movement to protect both animals and consumers in China and beyond.