Mass Shooting in America: No Children Among the Deceased, Community in Shock


Mass Shooting in America: No Children Among the Deceased, Community in Shock
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In a harrowing act of violence that has rocked the quiet northeastern American state of Maine, at least 22 people were killed and over 50 injured during a mass shooting in Lewiston. As of now, the assailant remains at large, triggering a widespread manhunt and casting a shadow of fear over the community.

A Suspect on the Run

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office has been quick to release photographs of a suspect seen carrying a rifle, believed to be 40-year-old Robert Card. Labeling him as a "person of interest," the police have issued an advisory, warning that Card should be considered "armed and dangerous." Investigations have revealed that the shooter targeted three separate locations, with one of them being a restaurant.

While law enforcement agencies are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to apprehend Card, the local community is grappling with the trauma of the tragic event.

Community Reeling from the Tragedy

The incident has left an indelible scar on Lewiston and its neighboring city, Auburn.

The mayor of Auburn, Jason Levesque, expressed the sheer disbelief and shock felt by residents. In a statement to the press, Levesque revealed that witnesses to the harrowing event ranged across all age groups, underscoring the indiscriminate nature of the attack.

“It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation,” Levesque shared, emphasizing the severity of the crisis. “You can train for this but you can never be completely prepared”. Speaking to CNN, the mayor provided some solace by confirming that, to his knowledge, no children were among the deceased.

However, the shooting did not spare the youth entirely, as a high school student is known to be among the wounded. Describing the close-knit nature of the twin cities, Levesque elaborated on the extent of the incident's ripple effect: "Auburn and Lewiston are side by side...

a river separates us. Combined, our population is around 60,000. You cannot help but know people who know someone, so this will impact every corner of our community." As authorities intensify their efforts to capture the suspect, the people of Lewiston and Auburn cling to hope and solidarity, proving that even in the face of adversity, community spirit remains unbroken.