Unmasking Murderer from Maine: Spent a Summer in a Psychiatric Hospital

Domestic Violence, Restraining Order, Spent Summer In Psychiatric Hospital

by Sededin Dedovic
Unmasking Murderer from Maine: Spent a Summer in a Psychiatric Hospital
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Lewiston police have pinpointed Robert Card as the primary suspect in the devastating shootings that unfolded at a bowling alley and restaurant in the city. The community has been issued a stark warning to remain within the safety of their homes, as Card is currently considered "armed and dangerous." The inquiry into who Robert Card is, the alleged mass murderer from Maine, unveils a chilling profile that demands attention.

At 40 years of age, Card is not your average suspect. He holds a membership in the US Army Reserve, underscoring his proficiency in handling firearms and military training. His personal life is marred by two failed marriages and the responsibility of raising three children.

However, his encounters with the law enforcement agencies date back even further, with a substantial record of domestic violence reports, leading to one of his former spouses securing a restraining order against him due to his history of violence.

Perhaps most troubling is Card's recent stint in a psychiatric facility earlier this summer. His admission was prompted by his disturbing claims of hearing voices and making threats to carry out an attack on a National Guard base.

These alarming details paint a picture of a deeply troubled individual with a penchant for violence. Card's educational background reveals that he pursued engineering studies at the University of Maine, spanning the years 2001 to 2004, though it remains unclear whether he successfully completed his degree.

University spokesperson Eric Gordon provided this information. The tragic events that unfolded on that fateful Wednesday evening claimed the lives of between 16 and 22 people, leaving an additional 50 to 60 individuals injured.

The locations of the shootings spanned multiple venues, including a bowling alley and a restaurant, which were situated approximately 6.5 kilometers apart. Eyewitnesses to the horrifying incident encompassed a wide range of age groups, including teenagers, as noted by Mayor Jason Leveseke.

In response to this shocking act of violence, local schools made the decision to cancel classes on the following Thursday, underscoring the profound impact this incident has had on the Lewiston community. As the investigation unfolds, the details surrounding Robert R.

Card of Baudoin continue to raise disturbing questions and concerns about the events that transpired in this peaceful American state of Maine.