Missile Strike on Egyptian Hospital Prompts Israeli Response

The witness said that he heard the explosion and saw smoke and dust rising

by Sead Dedovic
Missile Strike on Egyptian Hospital Prompts Israeli Response
© Andrew Burton / Getty Images News

The war between Palestine and Israel is taking a serious shape and it seems that other parties could be involved in the whole story. Six people were injured in the Egyptian tourist town of Taba, which is located near the Israeli border, after a missile hit a health facility there early this morning, October 27, Egyptian television station Al Qahera reported.

The Egyptians are angry and furious and want to find out as soon as possible who is the main culprit in this story. For now, there are only rumors, but there is no concrete evidence of the perpetrator. According to Al Qahera, the missile that hit Taba is linked to fighting in the Gaza Strip, located about 220 kilometers away, where Israeli forces are preparing for a ground invasion.

The Israelis have been announcing a ground offensive for days and are ready to retaliate against the Palestinians for Hamas attacks. Not all the details of their land offensive or their army's intentions are known, but it is certain that the Palestinians could feel enormous consequences.

Israel responded: They are aware of a security incident

It is not known which of the warring parties fired it. The Israelis blame the Palestinians, while on the other hand, the Palestinians blame the Israelis. There is a real chance that in the coming days, it will be determined who is the direct culprit.

The witness said that he heard the explosion and saw smoke and dust rising. The footage shows a chaotic situation and panic among people at the scene. No one could figure out what it was about. The people were visibly in panic and fear.

The Israeli army announced that they were aware of a security incident in an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea near the border. The Palestinians, it seems, have not yet spoken out about this case. Hopefully, someone can calm down this chaotic situation.

The inclusion of one more participant could create a domino effect and have huge consequences for the planet. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is still ongoing. It is difficult to predict that this could end anytime soon, given the history of conflict between these two countries.