Massive Protests Emerge in Paris and London in Solidarity with Palestine


Massive Protests Emerge in Paris and London in Solidarity with Palestine
© Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News

In Paris, demonstrations in support of Palestine are ongoing, defying a police ban and rainy weather. The rally began at 2:30 p.m. local time at Chatelet Square in Paris, tightly monitored by security. The Chatelet metro station exit was closed by police and metro officials, rerouting attendees from bus station exits, leading to protests.

In London, tens of thousands gathered in support of Palestinians in Gaza, enduring Israeli attacks for three weeks, brandishing banners and Palestinian flags. Pro-Palestinian protests are happening globally, even in countries where they are banned, as citizens take to the streets to express their displeasure with Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported 7,703 casualties in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since October 7, including 3,595 children. Gaza's 2.3 million residents grapple with severe shortages of food, water, and medicine due to Israeli aerial bombardment and a complete blockade.

Palestine receives support

In addition to these two cities and two states, Palestine received support from all over the world. Many cities around the world have decided to hold protests and stand by the people of Palestine, who are in difficult times.

The Israelis announced a few days ago that a fierce response would follow after Hamas decided to attack Israel. The ground offensive has not started yet, but it is expected that it could start in a few days. Many people in the world do not want to take sides.

They just want the killing of innocent people and children to stop. Indeed, this kind of situation evokes emotions that are difficult to describe. It seems that the world is 'deaf' to the events in Palestine. Although the leaders of various countries are calling for peace and an end to the killing, no one is taking concrete steps.

A much more chaotic situation is expected in the next few days. Protests across Europe and the world are being announced in the next few days, but it seems that no one hears the voice of the 'ordinary citizen'