Israeli Army Urges Immediate Evacuation in Gaza


Israeli Army Urges Immediate Evacuation in Gaza
© Uriel Sinai / Getty Images News

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are currently conducting the most extensive attack on the Gaza Strip since the onset of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. The Israelis are ready to do their best to take revenge on Hamas for what they did a few days ago.

A ground offensive is already being announced in which Israel could 'cleanse' the Gaza Strip of its population. Now, Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the IDF, has released a video message on the social mmedia site, issuing a crucial warning to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Daniel Hagari sent a clear message in which he emphasized to the people that there is no place for panic and that it is necessary to move from southern to northern Gaza. Many people wonder how sincere these messages are, and whether they are really well-intentioned.

"I urge the attention of all Gaza Strip residents. Please listen attentively, as this is an urgent military advisory from the Israeli army. For your safety, we kindly request all citizens residing in northern Gaza and Gaza City to temporarily relocate to southern Gaza.

This is a temporary precaution."

Hagari on Hamas: Hamas is putting your lives at risk

Hagari did not forget to mention Hamas and their guilt for the entire conflict. Hamas also sent messages to the Israelis that if they continue to threaten and bomb, Hamas will send a clear answer.

"You will be able to return to northern Gaza once the conflict subsides. Hamas is putting your lives at risk by positioning weapons and its forces within civilian areas of Gaza, including schools, mosques, and hospitals." Hagari does not want the Palestinian people to suffer because of the mistakes of others and calls them once again to listen to his message and act in such a way.

"The upcoming IDF operation is aimed at precisely and intensively neutralizing Hamas. Time is of the essence. You must evacuate immediately for your safety. Head south," the message conveyed by Hagari.