Chicago mass shooting: 15 people shot, 2 critically


Chicago mass shooting: 15 people shot, 2 critically
Chicago mass shooting: 15 people shot, 2 critically © Scott Olson / Getty Images News

Disturbing news from the United States has reached us once more. Despite recently witnessing a tragic incident, unfortunately, the same thing happened again. Early Sunday, October 29, in Chicago's Lawndale neighborhood, a shooting occurred during a large Halloween party, leaving at least 15 people injured.

The victims, comprising six women and nine men aged 26 to 53, were reported by the police. Two individuals remain in critical condition - a 26-year-old woman with gunshot wounds to her left hip and right buttock, and a 48-year-old man with three gunshot wounds to his side and thigh, as reported by CNN.

According to Andre Williams, a witness, the shooting happened when an individual was denied entry to the party, left to retrieve a firearm from his car, and returned to open fire. Chicago police officers responded to the shooting report shortly after 1 a.m.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, authorities witnessed a man discharging a firearm at the event's attendees. Although the 'culprit' tried to escape, the police managed to arrest him.

Tywon Tunstall

Tywon Tunstall, a person who was at the party, was shocked by what happened.

No one could have guessed what kind of tragedy would ensue. Tunstall does not understand why individuals decide to do such things. Human life is the most valuable thing. "We was in here, having a fun, good time. And, there was arguing.

The party had to be let out. All you hear was gunshots. People ducking on the floor, women screaming," said Tywon Tunstall, attending the party. "Stupid people with guns kill people. I'm an ex-gang banger, but I put the guns down, because I value my life, you know? People should value life out here.

We're trying to stand up and be good for the community, you know, and try to make people laugh, because laughter brings joy," he concluded.