North Dakota: Thea Poisoned Boyfriend With Antifreeze After He Inherited $30 Million

Riley became ill after meeting with his lawyer on Sept. 3 to collect a large inheritance, witnesses told investigators

by Sededin Dedovic
North Dakota: Thea Poisoned Boyfriend With Antifreeze After He Inherited $30 Million
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In a shocking and sinister turn of events, a woman from North Dakota, Ina Thea Kenoyer, stands accused of poisoning her boyfriend, Steven Edward Riley, in a crime driven by her financial motives. This grim incident unfolded on September 5th, leaving a dark cloud over the community.

Riley, aged 51, had recently inherited a substantial $30 million, a life-changing windfall that sparked jealousy and greed within Kenoyer. Detective Dale Plessas, who worked diligently on this perplexing case, described it as highly intricate due to the web of circumstances surrounding the murder.

Witnesses revealed that Riley fell seriously ill after meeting with his lawyer on September 3rd to claim his substantial inheritance. However, it is deeply disturbing that Thea Kenoyer refrained from contacting emergency services until the following day, despite her boyfriend's dire condition.

Paramedics eventually discovered Riley unconscious in their residence, but tragically, he succumbed to the poisoning, passing away in the hospital on the subsequent day. The motive behind this heinous crime remains rooted in Kenoyer's sinister desire for financial gain, a motive that has shattered lives and left a community in disbelief.

Kenoyer resorted to social media to assert her innocence

A thorough autopsy investigation unveiled the harrowing truth behind Steven Edward Riley's demise – he had ingested antifreeze, a chilling revelation that law enforcement attributes to Ina Thea Kenoyer.

The disturbing details continued to unfold as authorities delved deeper into the case. In the days leading up to her arrest, Kenoyer resorted to social media to assert her innocence, shocking the community with her audacious claims that Riley had taken his own life.

Such allegations only added to the intrigue surrounding this case. Kenoyer's twisted motives came to light as she disclosed to investigators her sinister plan to divide Riley's monumental inheritance, a staggering fortune estimated at approximately $30 million.

Shockingly, her scheme involved sharing this ill-gotten wealth with Riley's son, further emphasizing the depth of greed and deceit that drove her actions. The sinister plot and tragic outcome have left an indelible mark on this disturbing tale of betrayal and avarice. Tea faces a charge of aggravated murder and is being held without bail.