Iranian Leader's Intriguing Message to the Muslim World About Israel


Iranian Leader's Intriguing Message to the Muslim World About Israel
Iranian Leader's Intriguing Message to the Muslim World About Israel © Majid Saeedi / Getty Images News

Israel's attitude towards Palestine, as well as its policy towards them, has caused different reactions around the world. Both countries have huge support at the moment. A large number of European countries decided to side with Palestine and support them.

The leaders of these countries emphasized that Israel is doing wrong things. However, the leaders of some other countries have gone a step further and want to end all contact with Israel. Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called on Muslim countries to cease trade with Israel, including oil exports, in response to Israel's Gaza bombardment following Hamas attacks.

Israel's offensive began after Hamas incursions on October 7, resulting in over 1,400 casualties, mostly civilians, as per Israeli officials. According to the Hamas-run health ministry, over 8,500 people, mainly women and children, have died in the Gaza bombings.

This is a terrible figure that speaks volumes about the brutality of the war in the Middle East. The global objective should be to stop this as soon as possible.

Khamenei reacts to Israel attacks

Khamenei, addressing students in Tehran, urged Islamic governments to swiftly end these actions and avoid economic cooperation with Israel, advocating for a blockade on oil and food exports.

He also criticized Western nations, specifically naming Britain, France, and the United States, for their stance on the Palestinian issue. Khamenei emphasized that it's vital for the Muslim world to recognize who is pressuring the people of Gaza, and it's not solely the Zionist regime.

Khamenei has emphasized in the past that what Israel is doing is in no way acceptable. Their policy towards the Palestinians is really not commendable. The Iranian leader hopes that the conflict between these two countries will end and that the people of the Gaza Strip can finally feel peace and freedom.

However, the question is whether it will really be like that. Only time will reveal the intentions of Israel's leaders and whether they will cease their offensive.