Ivanka Trump's Testimony Request Denied


Ivanka Trump's Testimony Request Denied
Ivanka Trump's Testimony Request Denied © Getty Images News/Chip Somodevilla

In the latest development in a high-profile civil fraud case, Ivanka Trump's attempt to delay her testimony has been overruled by a higher court. Despite her appeal citing "undue hardship," the decision solidifies the expectation that she will appear in court during a pivotal time in her family's legal proceedings.

Family Ties and Legal Struggles

Ivanka Trump, now a resident of Florida, sought relief from an impending court appearance, her attorney pointing to the challenges of testifying in New York while caring for her three minor children.

"Ms. Trump will suffer undue hardship if a stay is denied," her attorney argued, highlighting the logistical and personal difficulties she would face. This plea for postponement comes despite her dismissal from the case at hand, with the appeal resting on the anticipation of a higher court's review.

The legal maneuvers by Trump aimed to not only defer her own testimony but to also put a halt to the entire fraud trial involving her father, former President Donald Trump, her brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and the Trump Organization, pending the appellate court's decision.

However, the motion for a stay, as documented in the Thursday night filing, was promptly rejected. The Trumps in Court: A Family Affair Earlier the same day, Ivanka Trump's brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, were seen in court.

Their participation comes as part of the ongoing saga where the Trump Organization's business dealings are under intense scrutiny. Former President Donald Trump is also expected to take the stand on Monday, marking a rare instance where a former president testifies in such a case.

Judge Arthur Engoron, who last week mandated Ivanka Trump's Wednesday testimony, had previously dismissed an attempt by her attorney to quash a subpoena. The unyielding stance of the New York judiciary reflects the complex interplay between high-stakes litigation and the personal lives of those involved.

In arguing against the jurisdiction of the New York civil court, Ivanka Trump's legal representation contended that her ties to New York, both residential and professional, had been severed since 2017. This argument underscores a broader narrative of jurisdiction and legal obligations that often accompany interstate legal disputes.