Pope Francis Advocates a Two-State Solution for the Middle East Crisis


Pope Francis Advocates a Two-State Solution for the Middle East Crisis
Pope Francis Advocates a Two-State Solution for the Middle East Crisis © Christopher Furlong / Getty Images News

During a visit to the Roman War Cemetery, Pope Francis emphasized that there are no true winners in war, mentioning the conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. He used a wheelchair to lay flowers at the cemetery, which holds the remains of Commonwealth soldiers who died in Italy during World War II.

Pope Francis conducted a Mass there to honor the faithful departed on All Souls' Day. He expressed that wars always represent defeat, even when one side prevails, leading to a heavy price paid. The Pope called for a Gaza ceasefire, humanitarian corridors for its residents, a two-state solution in the Middle East, and acknowledged Israel's right to self-defense while condemning global anti-Semitism.

Pope Francis and his message

Pope Francis, at 86 years old, stood longer during the Mass than in the past year, possibly indicating an improvement in his knee condition. The cemetery in Rome serves as the final resting place for about 425 soldiers from Great Britain and its former colonies who lost their lives in Italy during World War II.

The Pope mourned the young lives lost in wars and their heartbreaking impact on families. He also highlighted the ongoing tragedy of lives cut short in contemporary conflicts, both near and far. It seems that history has taught us nothing.

Indeed, when we look at the picture in Ukraine and the Middle East, we cannot help but wonder; Why can't a solution be found to end the conflict that reigns there? The situation has been chaotic for years, but it seems that it is now taking on even more serious forms.

On the one hand, we have Ukraine, which wants to defend its part of the country, while on the other hand, we have Palestine and Israel, which have been at war for a long time. The leaders of world countries seem to be silent on everything, especially the situation in the Middle East. The Pope's words are a great message for everyone.

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