Israeli army says Gaza under total siege


Israeli army says Gaza under total siege
Israeli army says Gaza under total siege © Getty Images News/Alexi J. Rosenfeld

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari stated that the situation in Gaza City has evolved, and there is currently no consideration for a ceasefire. Although many hoped that the war in Palestine could see an end, and that the world would react, it seems that these remained only dreams.

Unfortunately, the Israelis are in the Gaza Strip and their goal is to completely clean that part. The ceasefire is not an option at this time. "The army is encircling Gaza City from all directions, as the forces are located in the heart of the northern Gaza Strip, and with this we have made an important step in this war," he said.

Hagari shared this update during a press conference addressing Israeli actions in the blockaded Gaza Strip, emphasizing that ground troops are making progress in the area. When questioned about the possibility of a ceasefire, Hagari confirmed that it is not currently under consideration.

Their primary goal is to advance and completely take over that part.

Air and ground operations

The Israeli military has intensified both air and ground operations in the Gaza Strip since Hamas initiated an unexpected offensive against Israel on October 7.

Over the past 24 hours, an additional 265 Palestinians lost their lives in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, bringing the total to 9,061, as reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Simultaneously, 1,538 Israelis have been reported killed.

The numbers are really scary. It seems that the number of victims in this conflict is only increasing, and we can expect even worse news in a few days. After Hamas launched the attack, the Israeli forces swiftly responded and announced a significant ground offensive, which is unfolding with severe consequences.

Unfortunately, children and civilians are the primary victims in this tragic situation. It is disheartening that in the 21st century, we witness such distressing scenes of innocent casualties, and it's essential to raise awareness and work towards a peaceful resolution.

The most important thing is that the leaders of the countries are ready to create peace in Palestine. But, looking at what is happening, it seems that no one is ready for that.