Hamas Leader Delivers Extensive Message

Hamas leaders maintain their belief in ultimate victory and the achievement of their goals

by Sead Dedovic
Hamas Leader Delivers Extensive Message
© Burak Kara / Getty Images

At an undisclosed location, senior Hamas officials, with spokesman Osama Hamdan leading the conference, addressed several key points. They refuted recent claims by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) regarding the alleged storage of weapons under Sheikh Hamad Hospital, denying any tunnel entrances there.

Hamdan stressed the clandestine movement of thousands of Hamas fighters. Hamas called upon the United Nations to closely monitor hospitals in Gaza with the aim of investigating the alleged war crimes committed by Israel and to independently verify that Hamas had no involvement in these activities.

This request underscores the significance of international scrutiny and accountability in the ongoing conflict in the region.
Hamdan accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza and destroying around 250,000 homes, emphasizing the impact on women and children.

He claimed that Israel was distributing evacuation leaflets to displace civilians for easier targeting. He warned against any actions harming the Palestinian people and expressed concern over the US's involvement with Israel.

Hamdan reiterated the Palestinian desire for an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, asserting that Hamas would not be destroyed and would prevail in the conflict with Israel. Their ideology remains the same.

Osama Hamdan and his clear message

He celebrated a past victory on October 7 and pledged continued resilience.

The conference concluded with gratitude to the people and martyrs. Hamas leaders maintain their belief in ultimate victory and the achievement of their goals. This determination shapes their ongoing actions and approaches to the conflict.

The situation in the Middle East, particularly in Palestine, remains highly complex. The need for a more concrete and coordinated international response is evident. With current conflicts, the potential for further casualties and humanitarian crises is a real concern.

Efforts to address the situation and seek a peaceful resolution are crucial to preventing further escalation and alleviating the suffering of those affected. Hamas has maintained a clear stance on its goals and policy, showing no indication of significant changes in the near future. The organization's objectives have been consistent.