The USA provides support to Israel worth 320 million dollars


The USA provides support to Israel worth 320 million dollars
The USA provides support to Israel worth 320 million dollars © Getty Images News/Drew Angerer

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that the United States of America (USA) is planning to supply Israel with precision-guided munitions valued at 320 million dollars. Cooperation between Israel and the USA has been going on for many years.

The USA has always been ready to help Israel and be their support, since the beginning of the conflict and the independence of this country. American politicians are ready to do everything to ensure that Israel is supplied with a sufficient amount of ammunition.

According to WSJ's sources and official documents, the US administration submitted a declaration to the US Congress on October 31. This declaration outlines the provision of Spice bombs and precision air-to-ground munitions to Israel.

As part of this agreement, the American weapons manufacturer, 'Rafael USA,' will be responsible for transferring the munitions to its Israeli parent company, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The deal also encompasses the utilization, assembly, testing, and security of additional technologies for the weapons, with a total worth of 320 million dollars.

Seth Binder

Seth Binder, an expert at the Policy Institute for Middle East Democracy (POMED) in Washington, remarked, 'The Joe Biden administration is urging the Israeli government to allow a humanitarian pause in the conflict, but the sale and similar emergency military aid to Israel completely undermines this effort.'

The conflict arose when Israel launched air and ground operations in the Gaza Strip following a terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7." Analyzing the unprecedented American support for Israel in the war against Gaza, expert on Palestinian issues and the Middle East Zvi Barel believes that the American President Joe Biden has "embraced Israel" which brings it into conflict with the Arab countries in the Middle East, especially with neighboring countries that they fear that the war will spread to their territories.

Biden and his colleagues believe that Israel needs help at this time. This war could completely change things in the Middle East, especially if it experiences even greater proportions in the future.