Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Israel's plans for the Gaza Strip


Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Israel's plans for the Gaza Strip
Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Israel's plans for the Gaza Strip © Spencer Platt / Getty Images News

In an interview with American ABC News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Israel's plans for the Gaza Strip. He began by emphasizing Israel's insistence on a ceasefire in Gaza, stating, 'There will be no comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages.

We may consider tactical short pauses, such as an hour here and there, for humanitarian aid to enter or for our hostages to leave Gaza individually. However, I don't anticipate a full-fledged truce.' Netanyahu feels enormous anger towards Hamas, given that they decided to attack them a few weeks ago.

The Israeli Prime Minister emphasized that Israel had to send a response, with the aim of preventing Hamas from thinking about such actions. Their primary goal is certainly to completely destroy Hamas and prevent a potential threat in the future.

The question is how realistic it will be, but the coming weeks, months, and even years will tell us a lot.


Netanyahu went on to explain that a ceasefire would only halt the current conflict and wouldn't be a topic for future discussions.

Since the conflict began on October 7, there has been considerable interest in Israel's post-conflict plans for the Gaza Strip. In this interview, Netanyahu finally revealed part of the plan, stating, 'Israel will indefinitely retain overall responsibility for security in the region.

We have witnessed the consequences when security is compromised, leading to a surge in Hamas terrorism beyond imagination.' Benjamin Netanyahu concluded. The Israeli prime minister is often the target of criticism in the foreign media, given his policies.

However, there are also those who give him enormous support and believe that Israel must retaliate. In any case, Netanyahu is clear; Israel will not give up its fight against terrorism and will fight until the last day. We will see what moves the Israeli leaders will make in the coming period. The most important thing is to create peace, but it seems that this will hardly happen.

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