The Palestinian Prime Minister cried while addressing the world


The Palestinian Prime Minister cried while addressing the world
The Palestinian Prime Minister cried while addressing the world © Ian Forsyth / Getty Images News

During a Palestinian Authority cabinet meeting, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh became emotional as he recounted a heart-wrenching story about a mother whose children were trapped beneath the rubble in Gaza. Shtayyeh shared the mother's ordeal, saying, 'Children inscribe their names on their bodies, so even in the event of tragedy, their identities can be ascertained.

One grieving mother, with her three children buried under the debris, implores them, 'Let me see you, if only in a dream,'' his voice trembling with emotion. Continuing, he expressed his sentiments about the situation, stating, 'The Israeli Heritage Minister's actions go beyond what we can fathom.

With over 10,000 lives lost, more than 25,000 injured, and a million displaced, he aspired for a Gaza akin to Hiroshima. He sought to unleash the horrors of genocide through Israel's nuclear capabilities. Such a bloodthirsty approach revels in destruction for its own sake.'

Shtayyeh wants to see the reaction

Shtayyeh went on to call for international action, saying, 'It is imperative for the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants as a preemptive measure to halt this machinery of death.

I welcome countries that are willing to present requests to the court for the prosecution of these perpetrators. Individuals of conscience and champions of human values must swiftly act to halt the onslaught that has transformed the Gaza Strip into a landscape of tragedy.'

Over the past month, the Israeli military has intensified its airstrikes on Gaza in retaliation for attacks by Hamas militants. Despite calls for a ceasefire, Israel remains under substantial pressure to minimize harm to civilians during its military operations.

Gaza, one of the most densely populated places on Earth, grapples with the complex challenge of militants operating amidst the civilian population, putting lives at risk. This kind of chaos could continue for the next few days. It is necessary that someone reacts in the right way, but there is still no reaction.