G7 Condemns Hamas and Upholds Israel's Right to Self-Defense


G7 Condemns Hamas and Upholds Israel's Right to Self-Defense
G7 Condemns Hamas and Upholds Israel's Right to Self-Defense © Pool/ Getty Images News

The G7 foreign ministers met on Wednesday and expressed their backing for the establishment of "humanitarian pauses and corridors" in the Gaza Strip, without explicitly calling for a ceasefire. Following their discussions in Japan, the G7 group emphasized their support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, and they called on China to refrain from supporting Moscow in this ongoing conflict.

The joint statement released by the G7, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the USA, with the European Union as an associate member, stressed the urgent need to address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

They endorsed the establishment of humanitarian pauses and corridors to facilitate the delivery of much-needed aid, the movement of the population, and the release of hostages.

Minister on Israel's rights

In addition, the ministers underlined Israel's right to self-defense in accordance with international law, aiming to prevent a recurrence of the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel.

The statement also called on Iran to refrain from supporting Hamas and other actions that could destabilize the Middle East, including its support for the Lebanese Hezbollah and other non-state actors. Tehran was urged to leverage its influence with these groups to de-escalate regional tensions.

It is worth noting that the Israeli military has been conducting continuous airstrikes in Gaza since October 7, which was a response to Hamas's attacks on border areas that resulted in the loss of at least 1,400 lives. According to the health ministry in the Hamas-administered enclave, the death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 10,300 people.

It is expected that the number of victims will only increase day by day. There are no indications that the situation will calm down in the coming days or months. The situation is getting worse day by day. Reactions from around the world are coming in almost every day. However, no one manages to calm things down in the Middle East.