Israeli Defense Minister Announces Advancement of Israeli Troops into Gaza's Center


Israeli Defense Minister Announces Advancement of Israeli Troops into Gaza's Center
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Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has stated that Israeli soldiers are currently advancing towards the center of Gaza City, located in the northern region of the blockaded Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has clear motives and intentions that they want to achieve in the next few days.

Israel's leaders feel enormous anger towards Hamas, which carried out attacks on their citizens. In such conditions, the Israelis decided to make brutal moves, all with the aim of revenge. The unrest and chaos that prevail in Palestine are unsuitable for everyone, especially given the increasing number of casualties.

The death toll continues to rise, hour by hour and day by day. In a press conference held in Tel Aviv, Gallant provided the latest information on the Israeli military's actions in Gaza. He confirmed that Israeli forces have executed a coordinated air, land, and sea assault on targets associated with Hamas' military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, in Gaza City.

Gallant emphasized that they have further tightened the blockade around the city of Gaza.

Gallant and his reaction

According to Gallant, Israeli forces are making advances towards the "heart" of Gaza City, approaching from both the northern and southern directions with the intent of entering residential areas.

It is assumed that the Israelis will soon achieve their goal and completely occupy the Gaza Strip. It is still not known what kind of resistance Hamas is offering, and whether they are offering at all. If we judge by the words of the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu.

Hamas is completely destroyed, and there is no obstacle for them at the moment. Regarding calls for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, the Israeli Defense Minister reiterated that such a pause would only be considered if hostages were released.

Gallant also addressed the escalating tensions on the Lebanese border, emphasizing that Israel has no intentions of engaging in war with Hezbollah. However, they continue to warn them that if they decide to make some 'unpopular' moves, the answer will surely follow.