Ron DeSantis to Netanyahu: Finish the Job Against Hamas

DeSantis vowed to deport foreign students supporting Hamas

by Sead Dedovic
Ron DeSantis to Netanyahu: Finish the Job Against Hamas
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Republican presidential contenders addressed the Israel-Hamas conflict in a recent debate, expressing huge support for Israel and criticizing President Biden's handling.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urged decisive action against Hamas, while Nikki Haley focused on supporting Israel without dictating terms.

Senator Tim Scott proposed direct attacks on Iran, attributing responsibility for pro-Iranian forces' actions. Former President Trump skipped the debate, advocating for canceling future debates. Vivek Ramaswamy called for ending aid to Ukraine.

When asked what message he would send to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis replied: "I would tell Bibi (Netanyahu), 'Finish the job once and for all with these butchers Hamas, they are terrorists.'

" Candidates also pledged to penalize Hamas sympathizers domestically. Senator Scott proposed withholding federal funding from universities failing to prevent anti-Semitism. DeSantis vowed to deport foreign students supporting Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Republicans addressed recent Democratic victories on abortion-related referendums.

Republicans and their intentions

We will see how far the Republicans will succeed in their intentions and whether their campaign will really bring results.

Reactions were mixed in the US, just like throughout history. Many support Ron DeSantis and believe that his statements encourage optimism that Hamas will disappear and that peace will finally reign in the Middle East. On the other hand, there are those who firmly believe that the Palestinian people deserve to be defended and that they should not be equated with Hamas, given that the Palestinian people are not, in fact, what Hamas itself is.

DeSantis, who recently signed a law in Florida prohibiting abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, refrained from commenting on federal law but emphasized his support for a "culture of life." The candidates have criticized Biden's economic management, contending that his emphasis on climate change has hindered economic growth.

It will be interesting to follow the continuation of the campaigns and what the future will bring for the candidates.

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