Israel strikes targets near Damascus, Syria

Early in the morning today, September 17, Syria shot down Israeli missiles

by Sead Dedovic
Israel strikes targets near Damascus, Syria
© Handout / Getty Images News

The war between Israel and Palestine is not fought only on two fronts (or one). This war is already being fought in other territories. For many, this fact strikes fear into their bones, considering that this war could reach larger proportions and create chaos in the Middle East and the world.

Early in the morning today, September 17, Syria shot down Israeli missiles that were fired from the Golan Heights towards the area around the capital city of Damascus, the Syrian army announced. Israel sends clear messages this time as well and threatens all those who want to stand in their way.

This will certainly not be the last attack in a series. Several more of them can be expected in the coming period. The question is how the Syrians will react to this, and whether this can only deepen the conflict between the two sides.

Most of the Israeli missiles were intercepted, but some caused material damage, the army said in a statement.

Israeli and reactions

The Israeli military declined to comment. This is to be expected, looking at previous attacks and previous explanations.

Last week, the Israeli army announced that an organization in Syria launched a drone that targeted a school in the southern Israeli city of Eilat, and that Israel retaliated. Israel emphasizes that every subsequent attack will provoke the same response.

An even more brutal response than now can be expected. The region has seen a series of attacks since October 7, when Palestinian Hamas militants attacked Israel and Israel retaliated. On November 8, Syria also said Israel had carried out an airstrike targeting military sites in southern Syria, while the conflict between Hamas and Israel has led to an increase in payback attacks.

The Syrians are also not in a good position looking at what is happening. It is necessary to find the right solutions for this kind of problem, but for that it is necessary to be willing to compromise and the wishes of both parties. It is difficult to be an optimist in such dark days of our planet.