Borrell: Only the Palestinian Authority can run Gaza after the war is over


Borrell: Only the Palestinian Authority can run Gaza after the war is over
Borrell: Only the Palestinian Authority can run Gaza after the war is over © Denis Doyle / Getty Images News

Only the Palestinian Authority (PA) can govern Gaza after the end of the war between Israel and Hamas, said the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Josep Borrell is aware that the situation is chaotic.

So far, Borrell has made several proposals to resolve this conflict, but it seems that none of these proposals will be implemented. The problem is how long we will have to wait for the right solution, and whether the leaders of the countries can find a solution.

"Hamas can no longer control Gaza," Borrell said at the annual Foreign and Security Policy Conference in Bahrain. "So who will control Gaza? I think only the Palestinian Authority could do that," he said. Borrell said on Friday, November 17, that the current war between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip is "the result of a collective political and moral failure."

Ismail Al Thawabta and his statements

Ismail Al Thawabta's statements shocked many today.

Ismail Al Thawabta, an official from the Gaza Government Media Office told Al Jazeera the following information: "On Friday, November 17, the Israeli forces exhumed the graves we made in the yard of the hospital, they took away more than 100 dead who had already been buried.

In addition, all those victims who died recently were denied burial because Israeli forces refused to bury them inside the hospital. A few days ago, as bodies piled up inside the hospital, the hospital management was forced to dig a mass grave and bury all the dead.

On Saturday, November 19, Israeli bulldozers dug up the graves and took away the bodies of the dead," said Ismail Al Thawabta. The situation in Palestine is not calming down. Moreover, it becomes more and more tense. Many wonder what the new day brings and what will happen.

The Palestinian people do not know what else to do and they need help in these moments. However, support seems to be lacking in these moments. We will see if the leaders of the countries will find a solution to this conflict.