The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in fear for civilians in Palestine


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in fear for civilians in Palestine
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in fear for civilians in Palestine © Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images News

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, wants a ceasefire in Gaza. He has emphasized many times so far that this chaos must stop, but his messages do not seem to reach the ears of others. Volker Turk called for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying that "the pain, horror and fear etched on the faces of children, women and men are too painful to bear".

In a statement, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that the Israeli army is dropping leaflets demanding residents to go to "shelters", but, he stressed, that "nowhere is safe in Gaza". "Regardless of the warnings, Israel is obliged to protect civilians wherever they are," -Turk said.

He wants the killing of civilians to stop! "How much more violence, bloodshed and misery will pass before people come to their senses? How many more civilians will be killed?"

Turk and his messages

Even a month ago, Turk sent clear messages in which he emphasized the kind of horror currently reigning in the Middle East.

He has advocated the same things since day one. ”This violence will never end unless leaders stand up and take the brave and humane choices that are required by fundamental humanity. The first step must be an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, saving the lives of civilians through the delivery of prompt and effective humanitarian aid, throughout Gaza, provided according to need and not limited by any other, arbitrary criteria”.

For him, the most important thing at this moment is that this conflict does not bring many victims. However, the number of victims is increasing day by day, which causes even greater fear for the future. It is necessary for someone to take certain steps, but still nothing.

” The parties to the conflict must take immediate steps to comply with their international law obligations – in particular to respect the fundamental principles of necessity, distinction and proportionality and to take precautions to minimize incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian property and objects.

Palestinian armed groups must cease the use of indiscriminate rockets, and the IDF must avoid using explosive weapons with wide area effects in densely populated areas due to the significant likelihood of indiscriminate effects”.