Ahmed Abofoul, a Palestinian lawyer, disclosed alarming victim statistics


Ahmed Abofoul, a Palestinian lawyer, disclosed alarming victim statistics
Ahmed Abofoul, a Palestinian lawyer, disclosed alarming victim statistics © Ahmad Hasaballah / Getty Images News

The number of children killed by Israel in Gaza in just three weeks exceeds the number of children killed in conflict zones worldwide since 2019, stated Palestinian lawyer Ahmed Abofoul, working in the field of international law.

Abofoul, a legal advisor for the human rights organization Al-Haq based in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, addressed the children's deaths in Gaza on November 20, World Children's Day, discussing the alarming statistics.

Abofoul puts the accent on the terrible things that are currently happening in the Gaza Strip. He has fear for the people of Palestine, who are in the most difficult times. "Hospitals are full of injured people lying in the corridors.

Doctors are forced to prioritize the injured. Morgues are also full and doctors are performing operations without anesthesia. Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking shelter from the brutal bombing. They are crammed into schools, where there is a risk of epidemics due to bad hygienic conditions," said Abofoul.

Ahmed Abofoul's message

Abofoul did not forget to mention all the crimes committed by the Israelis in the previous few weeks. The statistics are terrifying. What is most frightening is the number of killed civilians, which is increasing day by day.

How to be an optimist in such conditions? The people of Palestine are losing hope that anyone will help them. Abofoul calls for someone to act at this moment. "Israel has targeted more than 125 health facilities, leaving approximately 20 hospitals out of commission.

In the first week of the war, it bombed Gaza more than the US bombed Afghanistan in a year. They killed more civilians in the first 25 days than Russia did in Ukraine in 1, 5 years. Within a month, it dropped explosives equivalent to two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima.

The occupation army admitted to bombing Gaza with the equivalent of 10 kilograms of explosives per person. Israel has so far killed more people in Gaza than in the Serbian genocide of Bosnian Muslims. This is genocide. This must stop now," said Abofoul.