Joe Biden against the ceasefire in Palestine

“As long as Hamas clings to its ideology of destruction, a cease-fire is not peace"

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden against the ceasefire in Palestine
© Getty Images News/Kevin Dietsch

In an article for the Washington Post, Joe Biden spoke about the current situation in the Middle East, the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The US president has encouraged peace many times so far and offered potential solutions.

Biden advocates that the violence against the residents of the Gaza Strip must stop. “As we strive for peace, Gaza and the West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure, ultimately under a revitalized Palestinian Authority, as we all work toward a two-state solution.

I have been emphatic with Israel’s leaders that extremist violence against Palestinians in the West Bank must stop, and that those committing the violence must be held accountable”. - Biden wrote. One of the measures proposed by Biden is a visa ban for extremists.

“The United States is prepared to take our own steps, including issuing visa bans against extremists attacking civilians in the West Bank”.

Joe Biden and the ceasefire

Biden surprised many when he confirmed that he was not in favor of a ceasefire.

Namely, he is disappointed with the behavior of Hamas and believes that peace can only influence even more extreme moves by Hamas. “As long as Hamas clings to its ideology of destruction, a cease-fire is not peace. To Hamas’ members, every cease-fire is time they exploit to rebuild their stockpile of rockets, reposition fighters and restart the killing by attacking innocents again”.

He made a point of remembering history and past events. Biden believes that peace can emerge from any situation, even in the midst of ongoing conflicts. He knows it won't be easy, but he's confident in his ideas and imagination.

“We must never forget the lesson learned time and again throughout our history: Out of great tragedy and upheaval, enormous progress can come,” he wrote. “More hope. More freedom. Less rage. Less grievance. Less war.

We must not lose our resolve to pursue those goals, because now is when clear vision, big ideas and political courage are needed most”.

Joe Biden