Mass exodus attempt from Gaza by a large group of people


Mass exodus attempt from Gaza by a large group of people
Mass exodus attempt from Gaza by a large group of people © Ahmad Hasaballah / Getty Images News

Palestinians are in great fear given the current conflict. The constant bombing has become a horror for them, and many find salvation by going from one part of Gaza to another. Many believe that this makes it easier for Israel, which wants to occupy the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces ordered the evacuation of southern parts of Gaza on Thursday, November 16, indicating that Israel may be preparing to invade the region following ground attacks in the north. MAXAR Technologies released satellite images on Friday, November 17, that they claim show a group of Palestinians gathered along the Salah al Deen road in southern Gaza as they try to escape through an evacuation corridor.

It is not clear exactly how many people there are in that group, but MAXAR estimates that there could be thousands of them. The Guardian reported that hundreds of people were waiting to pass through the checkpoint. Many of them believe that escape is the only way out at this time.

In a situation where you don't have food, you don't have enough weapons and you constantly feel fear for your life, most people think that this is the only way out.

Palestinians and shelters

Since the expulsion from the north, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled to shelters in southern Gaza, where most of the 2.3 million residents are now housed.

It is probably the most densely populated part of the world map. The United Nations World Food Program warned on Friday that Gazans are running out of food and water and are now 'on the brink of starvation' The population wants and asks for help.

Although help is constantly arriving, it seems that it is not enough at the moment. A fuel shortage resulted in the disruption of telephone and Internet services throughout Gaza on Thursday, the main telecommunications operator for the besieged territory reported. We don't know how long this will last...