Vladimir Putin: We must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine


Vladimir Putin: We must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine
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Vladimir Putin had clear positions since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and did not want to change them. Judging by his statements, Putin was forced to send the army to Ukraine. However, the war in Ukraine took a course that many could not have predicted.

The Russians did not have an easy task, and even today they have enormous problems on the front. Yet, Putin appears to be reconsidering his stance.
. The President of Russia said 'we must think about stopping the war in Ukraine.'

Putin said this at the G2O summit, noting that Russia is ready for talks. "We should think about how to stop the war in Ukraine because this war is a tragedy," Putin said. Putin seems to think that there's a law in Ukraine preventing negotiations.

This belief appears to be shaping his current position on the matter.

Russia and Ukraine

The two sides had previously negotiated, but little progress was made as Russia refused to give up the territory it seized in Ukraine, while Kiev wants all of its land back.

In such an atmosphere, it is difficult to reach a real solution and a peace agreement. It is necessary to find a compromise, and one side obviously does not want to make it. Since then, Putin has said he is open to talks, but analysts believe he is unlikely to do so until the results of the US election.

Looking at the history of his decisions and the way he made them, we cannot be optimistic about the war in Ukraine. The biggest victims in the whole story are the people of Ukraine. The 2024 presidential election could affect Western support for Ukraine as Donald Trump, who has been highly critical of his support for Kiev, is expected to win the Republican nomination.

World politics changes from year to year. We will see in which direction this war will go and whether both sides can really reach a peace agreement.

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