North Korea has ended a five-year agreement with South Korea


North Korea has ended a five-year agreement with South Korea
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Relations between South and North Korea have always had an interesting course. At certain moments, it looked as if there would be a truce between the two sides. However, both sides have been in conflict for the longest time, and there was a fear that this could cause huge consequences.

Although the situation seemed calm in the last few years, it seems that the North Koreans do not want it to stay that way. North Korea has ended a five-year agreement with South Korea aimed at reducing military tensions. The break in the agreement came after North Korea announced that it had successfully launched a spy satellite into space.

Political analysts emphasized that such moves could be expected, and they are not surprised by such decisions.
On this occasion, part of South Korea suspended the agreement and announced the continuation of surveillance flights along the border.

Many fear that this could also mean even bigger problems for the population of both countries. Pyongyang then said it would suspend the agreement entirely and send more military forces and equipment to the border. - From now on, our army will not be bound by a military agreement, it was pointed out in their statement.

They emphasized that they will take all measures to prevent military conflicts in all spheres, but note that they will deploy more powerful armed forces and new military equipment along the border with South Korea. The population has a right to be concerned in this atmosphere.

Kim Jong-un and his interesting views

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has changed his views many times so far. In some moments it looked as if he was ready to compromise, all for the sake of peace. On the other hand, he often criticized his neighbors for cooperating with America.

Kim Jong-un could never get over it. As a controversial figure, he clearly knows what he wants, and many believe that he could be the initiator of great chaos.