Hamilton to Red Bull? Christian Horner Spills the Beans on F1’s Rumor


Hamilton to Red Bull? Christian Horner Spills the Beans on F1’s Rumor
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In the high-speed world of Formula 1, rumors and speculation can accelerate as quickly as the cars on the track. Recently, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner found himself at the center of such a whirlwind, following comments about a potential approach from Lewis Hamilton’s camp regarding a drive with Red Bull in 2024.

These remarks, emerging in the build-up to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, sparked considerable attention and debate among fans and insiders alike. Hamilton, a seven-time World Champion who recently inked a new two-year deal with Mercedes, was quick to refute Horner's claims.

He stated unequivocally that "no one from my team has reached out to him", aside from a cursory text exchange between the two.

Clarification from Christian Horner

In light of the ensuing media frenzy, Horner sought to clarify his earlier comments during a press conference at the Yas Marina Circuit.

He expressed surprise at the widespread reaction his remarks received and attempted to demystify the situation. According to Horner, it is common for drivers, their representatives, and even parents to engage in various discussions throughout the racing season.

Horner acknowledged that he has known Anthony Hamilton, Lewis’s father, for many years, describing him as a "good guy" and a "proud racing father." He emphasized that although there were interactions, there were never any serious talks about Hamilton joining Red Bull.

Horner also commented on the natural curiosity in the paddock when a driver of Hamilton’s caliber goes through a challenging phase, such as not winning a Grand Prix in two years. Addressing the potential surprise this news might have caused within Mercedes, Horner opined that it wouldn’t be a shock, given Hamilton's status as the most successful driver and his recent lack of Grand Prix wins.

He speculated that Red Bull might not have been the only team approached by Hamilton’s representatives. In his final remarks, Horner downplayed the significance of the entire episode, labeling it as "something fairly innocuous" that had been blown out of proportion.

This episode in the Formula 1 world serves as a reminder of the intricate dynamics and constant speculation that surrounds top-tier motorsport, where the line between rumor and reality can often blur at breakneck speed.

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