Hamas releases group, including four-year-old american girl

"What she's been through is beyond comprehension," Biden said

by Sead Dedovic
Hamas releases group, including four-year-old american girl
© Getty Images News/Abid Katib

On Sunday, Hamas announced the release of thirteen Israeli hostages, three Thais, and a Russian citizen from the Gaza Strip to the Red Cross. US President Joe Biden confirmed that among them is a four-year-old girl holding US citizenship.

After Hamas released those taken hostage during a rampage in southern Israel on October 7, Israel is expected to release 39 Palestinian prisoners, aligning with the ceasefire. Biden expressed hope that the Israel-Hamas truce would extend as long as the prisoners were freed.

He also wished for the release of more Americans but lacked specific information. According to Biden, four-year-old Abigail Edan witnessed her parents being killed by Hamas fighters during the October 7 attack on Israel. She has been in custody since then.

"What she's been through is beyond comprehension," Biden said during a US press conference. The four-day ceasefire marks the first break in the conflict. In the Gaza turmoil, Hamas claimed 1,200 lives and held 240 hostages.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden had some interesting statements about Hamas and Palestine months ago. From the first day, he fiercely criticized Hamas and their actions. He emphasized several times that what Hamas is doing is in fact a terrorist act.

Biden did not forget to mention Putin and what he is currently doing in Ukraine. "Hamas and Putin represent different threats, but they share this in common: They both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy — completely annihilate it.

Hamas — its stated purpose for existing is the destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of Jewish people.

Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, and innocent Palestinian families are suffering greatly because of them.
The terrorist group Hamas unleashed pure, unadulterated evil in the world.

But sadly, the Jewish people know, perhaps better than anyone, that there is no limit to the depravity of people when they want to inflict pain on others. "- Biden said, quoted by whitehouse.gov