Josep Borrell criticizes Israeli plans for more illegal settlements during conflict


Josep Borrell criticizes Israeli plans for more illegal settlements during conflict
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One of the European politicians who openly criticizes Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip is Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Commission for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Josep Borrell has been emphasizing for months that Israel's actions are unacceptable.

Despite facing criticism for his statements, Borrell firmly stands by his views and has no intention of changing them. Recently, he took to social media to condemn Israel's plans to persist in constructing settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The establishment of these illegal settlements, aimed at expanding Israel's territory while encroaching on Palestinian living areas, has been a longstanding and significant issue in this region for decades. It appears that this issue will persist in the future, and the intentions behind it remain evident.

However, it seems that besides Borrell, no one else is willing to respond to these events. Borell does not understand why the Israelis decide to make such moves. This cannot contribute to peace. "I’m appalled to learn that in the middle of a war, the Israeli gov is poised to commit new funds to build more illegal settlements.

This is not self-defence and will not make Israel safer. The settlements are grave IHL breach, and they are Israel’s greatest security liability."

Jose Borell wants peace

Josep Borrell tries to be optimistic in the most difficult moments for the Palestinians.

He is aware of how serious a problem the conflict in the Middle East represents. However, it is important that all world leaders and world organizations focus on peace. Looking at the past and what has been happening, it seems that there is not much room for optimism.

“In the history of the most serious conflicts, there is always a moment when the darkness of the situation can only lead to a horizon of peace. I am convinced that beyond the shocks and emotions, that both peoples are committed to peace”. Many are hoping for the same.

Josep Borrell