Spanish Prime Minister: What we are witnessing in Gaza is unacceptable

"Do we really want to have two open fronts?"

by Sead Dedovic
Spanish Prime Minister: What we are witnessing in Gaza is unacceptable
© Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images News

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is one of those who sided with Palestine. Known for his specific statements and actions, Sanchez emphasized that it is in Europe's interest to recognize the state of Palestine. The current scenes of chaos in Palestine did not go unnoticed even by the Spanish Prime Minister.

He believes that this situation is unacceptable. “What we are witnessing in Gaza is unacceptable. And what is going to happen in Gaza after the spiral of violence ends is not going to be acceptable either,” he told TVE, as quoted by!

The Palestinians are angry considering that the support from Europe comes only through words. No one wants to take concrete steps to help the people of Palestine. The Spanish Prime Minister agrees with such statements by the Palestinians.

“I think they are right. Because all these years, we’ve watched as Israel has systematically been occupying Palestinian territory in the West Bank. And now we are seeing what’s happening in Gaza,” -he continued.

Middle East war

There is a fear in the world that this situation in Palestine will escalate and spread to other countries in the Middle East. Political analysts believe that this is a realistic option. Precisely for this reason, the Spanish Minister calls for peace and tries to take steps that could help the Palestinians.

"Do we really want to have two open fronts? One in the Middle East and one in Ukraine? Politics and diplomacy should help prevent that, and that is what the Spanish government defends,” Sanchez said. Sanchez admitted that he as an individual, but also Spain as a country condemned the act by Hamas.

In addition, he condemns the reactions of the Israelis. “But with the same conviction, we need to tell Israel to comply with international humanitarian law. And with the images we are seeing from Gaza, and the growing number of victims, especially children, frankly, I have doubts that they are complying,” -Sanchez concluded.