Mahmoud Abbas discusses Gaza's call for a ceasefire with Blinken

Abbas highlighted the critical need for increased humanitarian aid

by Sead Dedovic
Mahmoud Abbas discusses Gaza's call for a ceasefire with Blinken
© Kena Betancur / Getty Images News

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recently met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Ramallah to discuss the Gaza ceasefire and advancing efforts toward a lasting peace agreement. Abbas highlighted the critical need for increased humanitarian aid, specifically emphasizing the urgency for essentials like medicine, food, water, and fuel.

He expressed strong opposition to Israeli policies aiming to divide Gaza from the West Bank, stressing the unity of these regions within the Palestinian state. The people of Palestine are in a huge problem. They have been calling for someone to react for months.

The situation is becoming more complex day by day. Additionally, Abbas pushed for an inclusive international peace conference and reiterated Palestine's need for full membership in the United Nations. He emphasized that a genuine and lasting peace could only be achieved through the establishment of separate states, one for Palestinians and the other for Israel.

Despite the demands of the Palestinians, which have been going on for years, it is unlikely that their goals will be realized. Palestinians hope and stand for certain things, but the fact is that their goals are difficult to achieve.

Mahmoud Abbas

During his remarks, Abbas emphasized the limitations of military solutions, noting their incapacity to guarantee long-term security and stability in the region. Already earlier, at the beginning of this month, Blinken and Abbas had a meeting in which they discussed important topics related to the future of Palestine and its population.

Abbas was clear about his demands. "We will fully assume our responsibilities within the framework of a comprehensive political solution that includes all of the [occupied] West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip,” Abbas was reported to have said to Blinken.

It is expected that in the coming period, there will be meetings between the leaders of Palestine and the rest of the world. It is necessary to find a common language and come to a solution. The crisis in Palestine continues. In addition to the victims, the people of Palestine lack a lot.