Vladimir Putin's Emirates arrival: His plane accompanied by four fighter jets


Vladimir Putin's Emirates arrival: His plane accompanied by four fighter jets
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Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Abu Dhabi to meet with Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan while Dubai hosted the COP28 climate summit. Putin's arrival was accompanied by four Su-35 fighter jets providing air support during his trip.

Vladimir Putin has been particularly active lately. Analysts are closely monitoring the situation and trying to determine why Vladimir has ambitions to visit the countries of the Middle East.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mentioned that Putin would also visit Saudi Arabia, focusing on oil market issues, bilateral relations, and international matters.

Additionally, Peskov announced Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's upcoming visit to Moscow for discussions with Putin. Putin has not met with the leaders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia for a long time. The Russian president has serious ambitions, and their reunion could mean a lot.

Kremlin's statement about global oil market

The Kremlin emphasized that good relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are necessary at this time for the oil global market. Their ambitions are to cooperate and work on the progress of both countries in the next period as well.

"Close Russian-Saudi coordination in this format is a reliable guarantee of maintaining a stable and predictable situation in the global oil market," the Kremlin said, as quoted by foxnews.com Vladimir Putin has been clear about his goals since the beginning of the war, and he is trying to achieve good relations with certain countries.

Many people wonder what this kind of relationship means for the war in Ukraine. Vladimir is an experienced politician who knows how to balance. His goal in the coming period is to visit many more countries and achieve good relations.

He is aware that at this moment he needs support, which he has less and less, or almost none at all. The Russian leader is trying to change certain things on the political scene, but for now, unsuccessfully.

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