Netanyahu meets freed hostages: Allegations of Israeli helicopter fire


Netanyahu meets freed hostages: Allegations of Israeli helicopter fire
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Two months after Hamas launched "Aqsa Flood" on October 7 in response to Israeli human rights violations, a "humanitarian pause" on November 24 saw the release of 81 Israeli prisoners and 240 Palestinians from Israeli prisons.

Media covered statements from released hostages, including claims that Israeli helicopters fired at them while in Gaza. These allegations are very worrying, and many questions are raised. CNN first reported this claim in an article titled "Leaked tape of heated meeting reveals hostages' anger at Netanyahu".

A leaked audio recording of a meeting between Netanyahu and the hostages corroborated this, where a woman recounted being fired upon by a helicopter while heading to Gaza. At that moment, many prisoners couldn't comprehend why the Israelis weren't considering the presence of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

The families of those released are extremely angry.

Hostages and reactions

This incident sparked reactions during a meeting between the hostages and Netanyahu, with one former hostage expressing fear of being killed by Israel while in captivity and emphasizing the urgency of prisoner exchanges.

This information supports the claim that Israeli helicopters fired at the hostages on October 7. The Israeli prisoners were furious with Netanyahu because the Israelis bombed the part where the Israeli prisoners were. The Israelis were afraid that they would die at the hands of Israel.

However, Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders did not consider such a thing. The Israelis hoped that the exchange would happen as soon as possible, to survive the chaos that reigned. The situation in the Middle East is becoming more and more tense day by day.

Although a few weeks ago many were optimistic that the conflict could see an end, things seem to be getting worse. The same things are still happening, and there seems to be no reaction. Human rights are violated in the Middle East. What is most worrying is the number of civilian victims.