Joe Biden and Antony Blinken aim to end civilian deaths in Gaza


Joe Biden and Antony Blinken aim to end civilian deaths in Gaza
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During recent phone conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah, President Biden reiterated the urgent need for escalated humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians. Joe Biden is under enormous pressure, given that the world does not want to remain silent on the killing of civilians and the large number of victims in the Middle East.

The American president understands the seriousness of the situation and the necessity of taking certain steps that will affect peace in the Middle East. Although there are many proposals, there is still no real solution to stop the conflict.

The most important thing must be to protect civilians and stop the attacks that have been going on for a long time. Biden emphasized the necessity of safeguarding civilians and creating safe passages to separate them from Hamas-affected areas.

Blinken reacts

Secretary of State Blinken voiced worries over the gap between Israel's promise to protect civilians and the harsh reality in Gaza. The conflict has resulted in hundreds of Palestinian casualties, leaving almost two million displaced residents fighting for shelter and basic necessities amid the crisis.

“As we stand here almost a week into this campaign into the south, it remains imperative that Israel put a premium on civilian protection,” Blinken said The people in Palestine are deeply afraid. With the escalating events day by day, it's no wonder many are seeking to leave the Gaza Strip for a chance at a safer and happier life elsewhere.

Beyond the violence, there's a severe lack of food, medical supplies, and essentials in Gaza. Living in such conditions is truly terrifying. Political analysts believe that it is difficult to expect peace in the coming period.

Optimism is less and less at the moment. However, the Palestinian people are trying to call the world to react, although there is still no reaction. We'll see how much Joe Biden can do at this point. He is the person who can change that, but this conflict is very complicated and requires great analysis.

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