Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia's Next Target Could Be a European Country


Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia's Next Target Could Be a European Country
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba gave a heads-up that if the EU's 27 countries can't agree on Ukraine joining the EU, things could get really bad. He called it the "big decision" and said it would not just affect Ukraine but also mess up plans for the EU to grow.

Kuleba told the EU to do its bit, saying Ukraine has done theirs. He's super into Ukraine joining the EU and thinks any delays could mess things up. On the other side, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is totally against talking with Ukraine and giving them more help.

The European Commission supports Ukraine and Moldova joining the EU and suggested giving Ukraine a massive $50 billion until 2027. He could not but mention the role of Europe and America at this moment. Things are changing fast.

Dmytro Kuleba

“Europe provides a lot of support and has the capacity to continue providing it. But this psychological kind of dependence on the position of the United States is also an element of the game”. - Kuleba told POLITICO.

Kuleba emphasizes that Russia benefits the most from this since it suits Russia that things go away and last as long as possible. In such an environment it is difficult to expect positive things.
“Russia and other actors are watching this process closely because they need a weak European Union.

So they are interested in slowdowns, in delays, in the demonstration of inability to make historic decisions”.

He emphasized that the greatest danger comes from Russia, which closely follows the steps of the EU and makes certain decisions.

Kuleba has pointed out many times so far that this is important for all European countries, including the world.

“The next country that Russia may attack will be a European country, it will not be somewhere else. So Europe has to be more self confident in its capacity to defend itself.

If one side blinks it will be a very bad moment for that side. And it’s not us who has to blink, we have to make Russia blink”.

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