Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't intend to stop: Continue until the end!

"Nothing will stop us. This conflict will persist," Netanyahu said.

by Sead Dedovic
Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't intend to stop: Continue until the end!
© Getty Images News/Lior Mizrahi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed Israel's ongoing military actions in the Gaza Strip despite global pressures. During a visit to Israel's southern military headquarters, he communicated his determination to military officials over the phone to persist with the offensive in the blockaded region.

Benjamin Netanyahu is certainly the most interesting figure since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. His decisions cause a large number of reactions, mostly negative ones. The Israeli Prime Minister leads an interesting policy, in which he speaks crystal clear about his intentions and goals. While Israelis are happy to have such a Prime Minister, Netanyahu does not always evoke positive reactions.

Benjamin Netanyahu's goals: Continue until the very end

What is certain from the very beginning of the war is Netanyahu's desire to completely destroy Hamas. This is what the Israeli Prime Minister has emphasized many times until now. Looking at the current situation in Palestine, many believe that Netanyahu will succeed in his goals and really destroy Hamas. The Palestinians, on the other hand, do not want the victory of either party. Their goal is to finally feel peace and live in prosperity.

"Continue until the very end. We'll persevere until we achieve victory, until we eliminate Hamas," Netanyahu told to one of the military leaders.

Netanyahu's recent statements might not cause optimism among those aspiring for peace in the Middle East. The Israeli Prime Minister appears clear in his objectives, unaffected by external advice or reactions from others.

Netanyahu emphasized this resolve "despite international pressure," reiterating Israel's commitment to their course of action.

"Nothing will stop us. This conflict will persist," Netanyahu was clear during his speech!

These statements come amid heightened international scrutiny directed at Israel following intense attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Many are calling on Netanyahu to end the attacks, and to finally turn to the search for real solutions.

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