UN votes on Gaza cease-fire resolution; Israel opens aid border


UN votes on Gaza cease-fire resolution; Israel opens aid border
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The situation in Palestine is alarming! The people are in fear, and they are calling everyone for help. They are worried about their future.

Today, the UN Security Council is having a vote about stopping the fighting in Gaza. They're looking at a new idea made by the UAE that aims to help Palestinians there and backs a two-state plan for the region. People are pretty mad because the Council didn't do a lot before—just one rule about Gaza since the war began. Some plans got blocked, including a couple by the US saying no. It's a big deal as they try to figure things out and make peace stick in that area.

Aid trucks entered Gaza via Israel's Kerem Shalom border crossing, newly opened since October 7. Israel's COGAT stated that 201 trucks, with 79 via Kerem Shalom, reached Gaza on Sunday. The US negotiated this with Israel to enable direct aid access during emergencies. US politicians have made a good move, and many hope that they will try to help the Palestinians in the coming period as well.

Israeli Defense Ministry's statement: 470 aid trucks

A senior Israeli Defense Ministry official mentioned that 470 aid trucks passed security checks and headed to Egypt's Rafah crossing. This will be a huge help that will certainly be useful to the people of Palestine.

The UN noted a drop in truck numbers, now below the usual weekday average of 500, entering Gaza before October 7.

This kind of news can make Palestinians happy, but also the whole world. Step by step, many hope that better times await Palestine and its people. Time passes quickly, and the situation still does not calm down. There is a fear that the conflict will continue for a long time. Of course, the worst thing is the number of victims, which is growing rapidly day by day. Although world leaders are trying to calm the situation, there is still no peace in sight.