An Israeli minister wants to end Hamas, and Netanyahu's team is unhappy with US help


An Israeli minister wants to end Hamas, and Netanyahu's team is unhappy with US help
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Israeli Minister Bezalel Smotrich insists on quckly eliminating Hamas to prevent negotiations with Palestinians. As head of the Religious Zionist Party opposing concessions, he aims to ensure no dialogue with the other side by destroying Hamas. 

Known for controversial views against Palestinians, including labeling West Bank inhabitants as anti-Semitic, Smotrich supports expelling Gazans worldwide as a solution. He sees this as a humanitarian answer for Gaza's residents and the region.

At a time when chaos reigns in the Middle East, such statements certainly do not inspire optimism or security among the people of Palestine. It is clear how difficult the situation is in the Middle East. Such statements by important politicians are the best indicator of that. Frustrations reign on both sides. Creating peace in such difficult conditions will be perhaps the most difficult task in the recent history of mankind.

The super right-wing groups aren't happy with Joe Biden

The super right-wing groups in Netanyahu's team aren't happy with how the U.S. is helping Israel. They say America's trying to control Israel's decisions and shield them from paying for what Hamas did in Gaza.  Joe Biden's recent statements indicate that Israel could have less and less support, given that Biden also wants to see peace in the Middle East as soon as possible.

These right-wingers think Israel's got a chance now. They want to put lots of Israeli flags in Gaza to show they're back in charge. The finance minister also doesn't like America's way of dealing with Gaza. He says Israel manages itself and doesn't want friends interfering.

When Biden criticized the super-right people in Israel and said they should leave the government, Smotrich thought it was kind of like a compliment. Israel's unclear policies worry people eager for quick peace. On the other hand, Hamas's extreme policy does not inspire optimism either.