Ukrainian military leader on mobilization problems: Not many are signing up


Ukrainian military leader on mobilization problems: Not many are signing up
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Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine's first intelligence officer, talked about problems in how Ukraine recruits people to join the army. At the start of the war in Ukraine, there was fear because Russia had more soldiers, leading many to think they'd win fast. Nevertheless, the courage of the Ukrainian soldiers could be noticed from the first day of the war. They fought bravely and did not let the Russians advance much. Of course, they experienced defeat on many fronts, but they also achieved successes that no one expected. However, it seems that Ukrainians are once again facing certain problems.

Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine's first intelligence officer mentioned at a panel called "2024: Challenges and Prospects" that at the start, lots of people volunteered to fight for Ukraine. But now, not many are signing up, and those who do might not really want to be there." Budanov worries that without people who truly want to be there, the army won't work well.  

Kyrylo Budanov on the money

This has been shown many times so far in history. If you don't have soldiers who are ready to give their lives for the country and fight bravely, then there are huge chances that you will experience defeat. Because of this, the commanders of the Ukrainian Army are afraid that it could cost the Ukrainian people.

He also said that money isn't the most important thing for the new recruits anymore. He thinks many people don't feel strongly about being Ukrainian and defending the country, even though they say they do. Budanov believes that without this sense of duty, it's tough to protect Ukraine.

Analyzing everything that has happened so far, many believe that it is difficult to blame the Ukrainians. Looking at the number of victims that Ukraine has suffered, many fear for their lives. On the one hand, there is honor and reputation, on the other hand, there is the fear of death and that your family will be left alone. War is truly the worst thing in humanity. This is the best indicator of that!