Ukraine investigates listening device found in top general's office


Ukraine investigates listening device found in top general's office
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In the last few days, Ukrainians have been particularly suspicious after the last event that happened. Secret surveillance devices were uncovered during an inspection in the offices of Ukraine's Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Valery Zaluzhny. The General Staff reported the discovery of these devices during a routine check, specifically in areas intended for Zaluzhny and his team's work.

"To investigate the incident, its implications, and those involved, Ukraine's Security Service was informed," the General Staff added.

Media previously reported on the discovery of a secret listening device in Zaluzhny's office, leading to criminal proceedings initiated by Ukraine's Security Service. It is still not known who is the traitor among the Ukrainians or if it is something completely different, but in the next few days the Ukrainian secret service will have the task of trying to figure out if there is a traitor among them.

Zaluzhny doesn't view the discovery as pressure and doubts state secrets were discussed there. He referred to it as a 'war' and expects the investigation to reveal more details.

Zaluzhny once again confirmed that he is not particularly worried about everything that happened. His goal is to continue with the same policy as before and to be the main bulwark of the defense of Ukrainians.

General Viktor Yagun reacts

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Reserve Major General Viktor Yagun suggested that the device found in the office of Ukraine's Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Valery Zaluzhny, was likely a fake or imitation. Viktor Yagun is known as a person who is suspicious and who analyzes things well. He is not firmly convinced that there was really any device in the office.
"As far as I know, not only were the recording media missing, but the power cells as well. It was a simulated device, possibly intended for actions other than recording – perhaps for provocation,"- he said, as quoted by!

Otherwise, the war in Ukraine is still going on, and many hope that it will soon come to an end!