Al-Sisi re-elected as Egypt's President, cites concerns for national security


Al-Sisi re-elected as Egypt's President, cites concerns for national security
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Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has again received the trust of the citizens of Egypt. Egyptian citizens believe that Al-Sisi is a trustworthy person who can lead Egypt in the right direction. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was re-elected for a third, six-year term, and the vote was overshadowed by the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza on Egypt's eastern border.

Al-Sisi recorded a convincing victory, securing 89.6 percent of the vote, the National Electoral Authority announced, and the turnout was 66.8% of more than 67 million registered voters.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has been president for 9 years, this will be his third term. The people of Egypt expect great things from him. At a time when there is a major crisis in the world, Egyptians believe that their leader will help the country's progress.

The people of Egypt realized that they had to vote if they wanted to change things. The best confirmation of this is the words of Hazem Badawy, head of the electoral commission.

"The voting percentage is the highest in the history of Egypt," said Hazem Badawy, head of the electoral commission.

People of Egypt react

The people of Egypt also call for an end to the war in Palestine and hope that the conflict between Israel and Palestine could come to an end. Many believe that Al-Sisi could be the key to solving this conflict. The Egyptian president also confirmed he fears that this conflict could have larger proportions and spread to the territory of Egypt. That doesn't suit anyone at the moment.

"This ongoing war on our eastern borders, which requires the mobilization of all our efforts to prevent its continuation, is a threat to Egypt's national security in particular and the Palestinian cause in general," Al Sisi said.

The Egyptians are one of those who have helped the Palestinians the most during difficult times for them. The Egyptian leader wants this practice to continue in the future.