Lapid criticized Netanyahu's government for ignoring pre-attack warnings


Lapid criticized Netanyahu's government for ignoring pre-attack warnings
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Yair Lapid, an Israeli opposition leader, criticized Netanyahu's government for ignoring warnings from the Secret Service before the Hamas attack on October 7. He received information beforehand but claims his warnings were disregarded. Lapid blamed Netanyahu for the incident and emphasized the need for a political change in Israel. He accused Hamas of using civilians as shields and supported continued military action until Hamas is dismantled. 

It is clear that Yair Lapid is not a big fan of Netanyahu and his policies at the moment. A large number of Israelis have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with Netanyahu's policies. However, the Israeli Prime Minister does not pay much attention to such comments and is focused on helping his country achieve its goals.

Lapid suggested targeted operations against Hamas leaders worldwide but didn't disclose negotiation details. He proposed Gaza's self-governance, with Israel maintaining military intervention if needed, similar to the West Bank. Ensuring Israel's security post-war is a priority for Lapid.

Lapid has urged many times until now that the priority is to protect the Israeli people in the future, given that Hamas can attack them at any moment. The future of Palestine is under a big question mark, and there is less and less optimism.

Benjamin Netanyahu: We are continuing the war until the end

Benjamin Netanyahu recently emphasized that he wants to completely destroy and stop Hamas from achieving its goals.

"We are continuing the war until the end. It will continue until Hamas is eliminated—until victory," Netanyahu said, as quoted by!

He believes that no one can stop Israel at this moment. Netanyahu has clear goals, and believes in the victory of his people! Time will tell.

"Those who think we will stop are disconnected from reality." Netanyahu said.

"The army will not stop until the destruction of Hamas, the return of our hostages and the removal of the threat from Gaza."