Vin Diesel Faces Serious Assault Claims from Ex-Assistant


Vin Diesel Faces Serious Assault Claims from Ex-Assistant
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Vin Diesel, the actor renowned for his roles in the Fast Saga, faces serious accusations of assault battery from a former assistant. Asta Jonasson has filed a lawsuit against Diesel, alleging an incident of assault that occurred in 2010 in a hotel suite in Atlanta, Georgia, during the filming of "Fast Five." According to the lawsuit, as reported by Vanity Fair, Diesel is accused of physically overpowering Jonasson, who was his assistant at the time.

The suit details a harrowing account: "Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms. Jonasson, groped her, and kissed her. Ms. Jonasson struggled continually to break free of his grasp, while repeatedly saying no," the suit reads. "Vin Diesel is physically larger and much stronger than Ms.

Jonasson, and abused his position of authority as her employer, and was able to easily overpower Ms. Jonasson. Vin Diesel ignored Ms. Jonasson's clear statements of non-consent to his assaults. Vin Diesel then escalated his assault, groped her body, dropped to his knees and pushed Ms.

Jonasson's dress up, groped her legs, and attempted to pull down Ms. Jonasson's underwear. Terrified for her personal safety, Ms. Jonasson screamed and ran towards the nearby bathroom."

The claim further states that Diesel, leveraging his physical stature and position of authority, continued his assault despite Jonasson's clear refusals.

Escalation of the Alleged Assault

The suit goes on to describe an escalation in Diesel's alleged behavior. It claims that Diesel pinned Jonasson against a wall and engaged in more explicit acts of misconduct. The description of the incident portrays a distressing scene in which Jonasson felt trapped and unable to escape.

"Terrified for her personal safety, Ms. Jonasson screamed and ran towards the nearby bathroom," the claim continues, outlining the subsequent actions by Diesel.
Following the alleged assault, Jonasson claims she was contacted by Samantha Vincent, Diesel's sister and the president of his company, and was terminated from her position.

The lawsuit encompasses several claims, including assault battery, gender discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, and negligent supervision.