Prague University Shooting: A Day of Mourning for Over 15 Lost Lives


Prague University Shooting: A Day of Mourning for Over 15 Lost Lives
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A shooting at Charles University's Faculty of Philosophy in Prague yesterday afternoon resulted in over 15 deaths, including the attacker, and left more than 30 people injured, some critically. The Prague emergency service confirmed the casualties, marking one of the deadliest incidents in recent history at a European university.

The Czech police responded to the shooting at Jan Palach Square just after 3:00 p.m. and reported that the attacker was "eliminated" shortly thereafter. This quick response by law enforcement likely prevented further casualties, but the community is left reeling from the violence that unfolded at one of the city's central academic institutions.

Unraveling the Attacker's Motives

The attacker was identified as David K., a student at the Institute for World History of Charles University. His rampage reportedly began with the murder of his father in the village of Hostoun, located 20 kilometers west of Prague, before he proceeded to the university.

Earlier this year, David K. had received an award from the Polish Institute in Prague for his thesis, making his violent turn all the more shocking. Authorities revealed that David K. was scheduled to attend a lecture at a different university building on Celetna Street, but instead, he arrived at the main building of the Faculty of Philosophy armed and dangerous.

The police were already searching for him before the shooting occurred, but his motives for targeting the faculty remain unclear. Police Chief Martin Vondrasek suggested that David K.' s actions were inspired by a "terrible event" abroad, possibly referring to a recent shooting in Bryansk, Russia, where a 14-year-old girl killed a classmate and then herself.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, police chief Martin Vondrášek disclosed that David K. might also be responsible for two additional murders in Klánovice, where an adult and a baby were shot in a forest six days prior.

This revelation, coupled with David K.' s alleged posts on Telegram about committing a massacre and citing the Bryansk shooting as inspiration, paints a grim picture of premeditated violence and a deeply troubled individual.