Vladimir Putin ready for the end of the war!?


Vladimir Putin ready for the end of the war!?
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The New York Times said Putin's okay with talking to end the Ukraine conflict after nearly two years. He's thinking about stopping the fight but wants to keep the lands his army controls. Some Russian and international people close to the Kremlin told American officials this. Last year, Putin seemed fine with the land his army took back. The Times thinks it shows how Putin plans things but might change his mind if his army does better in the war. If Ukraine continues to receive support, then surely Ukrainians have the right to hope for a complete end to the war!

Vladimir Putin was clear about his views from the first day, but it seems that there is an economic crisis in Russia that was caused by sanctions. Putin is aware that sanctions from year to year can only bring more problems to the Russian people. The Russian leader is in a difficult situation, and it is necessary to find a solution that will be the best for both sides. It is definitely an end to the war!

Ukrainian soldiers and airplanes: Soldiers took down three Russian Su-34 planes

Ukrainian soldiers took down three Russian Su-34 planes in the south. Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk confirmed this and thanked the soldiers. This could change things in the air battle there. Earlier, Ukrainian marines got control of an area Russia had. Ukraine's tech helped briefly, but Russia still controls the air. Russian planes fired missiles at the area. Ukrainian defenses shot down three planes, which is a big deal for Russia. Ukraine got new missiles from the US recently!

It is clear that both sides want to prevail and dominate the battlefield. The Ukrainians have made great successes looking at all aspects of this war. The help that came from the US and Europe was certainly crucial for the defense of Ukraine by Russia. The war is still going on. It is too early to talk about what potential outcomes await us, but many believe that the Ukrainians can resist.

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