Ukrainian spies on big plans: We don't want to talk about it, they will be surprised!


Ukrainian spies on big plans: We don't want to talk about it, they will be surprised!
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The Kremlin said they won't hand over $300 billion in Russian assets to Ukraine. They warned of taking action if their assets are seized, targeting Western assets in return. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, said it could harm finance and they'd fight back legally. Even though Russia has $300 billion in Western bank accounts, taking that money could be legally challenging and risky.

Ukrainian spies and generals have big plans for the future. With the following moves, they want to stop the Russians from achieving their goals.

Ukrainian spies plan to do more secret missions in Russian-held areas next year, says the head of Ukraine's SBU security service.

"We can't tell our plans. They're a surprise for the enemy. We're getting ready for surprises. We'll find the occupiers," Major General Vasil Maljuk told Politico.

Maljuk hinted they'll focus on targets in occupied Ukraine and might strike across the border using "cotton" for explosions in Russia.

Even though the fighting hasn't changed much this year, SBU's actions make Ukrainians feel stronger and weaken Russia's war power.

Vasil Maljuk shares his goals

Maljuk talked about Crimea and the Black Sea, especially praising the Sea Baby drone that can carry explosives and damage Russian ships. Ukrainians have been successful many times so far when it comes to drones. The help that comes to them in the form of drones is certainly a big deal for Ukrainians.

SBU's actions damaged Russian stuff, affecting their navy and ports, according to Maljuk.

Maljuk said they follow rules when picking targets, focusing on military stuff, unlike Russia that attacks both military and normal places. Ukrainians want to respect the norms of war, and to wage war absolutely differently than their opponents.

SBU mostly works in Ukraine, trying to free it from occupiers using different ways.

When they do things in Russia, SBU says they only aim for military stuff, like a tunnel and warships, using their special tools.

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