Ukraine's draft law suggests dropping the mobilization age from 27 to 25 years


Ukraine's draft law suggests dropping the mobilization age from 27 to 25 years
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Ukraine's parliament proposed a new law to lower the military service age from 27 to 25. The Defense Minister explained the change, stating it applies to those aged 25 and above.

President Zelensky is considering mobilizing 450,000-500,000 Ukrainians for the military but emphasizes the need for further discussions before any decision.

While the exact troop count is undisclosed, estimates suggest around a million soldiers. American officials estimate significant casualties since Russia's invasion, but no official data exists.

David Arakhamia confirmed the government is working on this law, expected to be presented soon.

Valeriy Zaluzhnyi

Ukrainian Army's General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi wasn't happy with how the military offices were getting soldiers ready for war against Russia. After the parliament suggested some changes, like letting younger guys join the army from age 25 instead of 27, there was a chaos on social media. So, the general talked to the press about it for the first time. He realized that he had to react after the chaos that had arisen.

He said he'd like to use electronic calls to get soldiers. Last week, the President said they might get 450,000-500,000 more people for the army. The general didn't want to talk about exact numbers publicly. 

He talked about how they didn't get as much help as they wanted in 2023, but it still helped with their plans for the army.

Things got tense between him and the President before when they disagreed about the technology in the war.

it is clear that the Ukrainians must make some moves in order to achieve an absolute victory. It has been clear for a long time that Ukrainians have problems with mobilization. The Ukrainian people are in fear, especially after this kind of mobilization. The question arises as to how long they can defend themselves. The Ukrainian leader hopes that the situation will improve and that he will succeed in his intentions.